I’ve started this site to allow the public to see a list of Licensed Commercial Breeding Kennels and Pet Shops licensed in 2016 to sell puppies in the UK and the Republic Of Ireland. Unless stated the list refers to data gathered prior to and published 1st January 2017 and may be updated in the future.

This site is data intensive and optimized for PC and Mac. Unfortunately mobile devices will not display the site and menus to best advantage at this stage.

Let’s keep it simple and accurate, if you have a list email me on dbelistuk AT gmail.com or leave a comment marked not for publication and I’ll get back to you. Any list must have the date on it, as of course the list can alter over time. Numbers of permitted bitches must be from council records and source quoted (eg Environmental Health/ Planning Dept)  in your message to me. Let’s work together to make this list as complete as possible.
Local Councils can be found on this link. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Dl1/Directories/Localcouncils/index.htm

A list of licensed Dog Breeding Establishments in 2012  can be found here http://dbelistuk.blogspot.co.uk/